Ian Henriksen

My current work is in building better tools to enable parallel computing in computational science. Within that, I have two primary focuses, one is on leveraging and extending the Galois parallel graph processing library to better handle problems in computational science. Applications of this work include a parallel solver for the Boltzmann equation similar to the one in the Tycho 2 DOE proxy app, and an asynchronous parallel variant of the fast marching method. The other major focus is on providing high-level interfaces for heterogeneous computing. The approach we are taking in that project is to enable users to easily orchestrate device-level kernel calls and cross-device data movement from within Python. The current working prototype of this is the parla Python library. The work on parla is a central part of the new PSAAP3 center established at UT Austin. My role in that project encompasses both solving technical problems, and building consensus around project direction.